Thursday, November 26, 2009


For the past couple of weeks, I have committed to stating something that I am thankful for everyday. This is probably a routine that I should get myself into every morning--consciously thanking God for something--and yes, I do pray sometimes, but not often enough--I think I mentioned that before.

Prayer to me is a calming and meditative activity. Even if I don't always feel like someone "up there" is listening, it helps to set my mind free from the scattered and hectic thoughts that plague me throughout the day.

Anyways, here is the list:

1. For a husband who puts up with all my crap and rarely seems to get angry about it.

2. For all my fellow veterans (that includes ALL branches of the military, lol--go army!) keeping our country safe every day, including my uncle who was killed in Vietnam before I was able to meet him. You are all so brave!!!

3. For having a boss that I can talk to and know that she is sincere and caring. That she is German and brings lots of food from her native country for us (I have a soft spot for that place for some reason). And also for the fact that she likes my idea of sunglasses at work----just not during IV sticks!

4. As a tribute to Friday the 13th today, I'm very thankful that I have an old beater for a car. That makes it so much easier to accept the dings and scratches, especially when you get hit in the store parking lot!

5. Continuing on with the Friday the 13th thankfulness...thankful for my precious animals, as well as the veterinarian who cares for them...and also flea treatments, and vaccines to keep them healthy...all for only $499! It must be a FT13TH special!

6. For my friends, particularly the ones I can be myself around and not feel shy about it. ML, you are the most special to me. We've known eachother since 15 and nobody really knows me like you do. You never get on my case about being such a terrible correspondent. You are irreplaceable!

7. For keyboards, typewriters, pens, pencils, and paper (that includes scratch paper!). Basically, anything and everything to write on and with! No, not spray paint :)

8. For hot showers, cold drinks, and that I have not yet gone gray.

9. Thankful to be me. And I'm not even going to add any qualifiers in there, surprise surprise! :-)

10. For progress and ice cream, not sure in which order of importance.

11. It's Saturday and I'm home...thank you :) In fact, thankful for ALL days off from work!

12. To be done done done with the floor! (other than the quarter round, but who's really counting that?). And as my dear husband so astutely observed, without one argument or bicker at eachother. Good thing, considering we have several more rooms to do still.

13. For second chances, do-overs, redos, and encores.

14. For the rambunctiousness of my children, the calmness of the trees, filling meals, and that I made it to another Thanksgiving with all my senses intact (except maybe the common one :p).


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