Tuesday, November 24, 2009

B's tooth falls out

Today we learned that a pretzel can not only be used as a snack food, but also for wrenching a loose tooth free. I wonder if anyone has ever invented a loosetooth grabber device. This could be it!

It happened while he was sitting in class. The students have the freedom to eat their snack from home whenever they want during the day, as long as they keep it at their desk. This is so different from when I was growing up, or even from my oldest daughter's school--a strict parochial institution. I believe that this instills a sense of responsibility and individuality in the child--and, more importantly, gives them a little bit of control over their mostly structured day.

So, to make a long story short, the pretzel caught the tooth and pulled it out. Seeing the blood was not traumatic for him. We talk about things like that all the time. I refuse to shelter him about the world, lest he be shocked and terrified someday.

He brought the white jagged pearly thing home in a plastic bag, so proud of the accomplishment, like when he runs another lap in track. I'm sad because I won't be home tonight to witness the Tooth Fairy's first arrival to our house (yeah, I sometimes fail at teaching the ins and outs of reality, but whatever).

Okay, I'm going to make a confession now. Someday when you read this, B, you will gasp, but the Tooth Fairy had to borrow money from your Halloween card on the counter to pay you for your tooth. We love you :)


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