Tuesday, July 31, 2012

upside down

So...I am getting divorced, or being divorced from, whichever way you look at it.

This is the 5-year anniversary of this blog and of the date we moved to Tennessee from Illinois.  I once said out loud on facebook "I give it 5 years."  I was so unhappy here initially, but I've slowly grown to tolerate some of it, and love other parts of it.  It's a bittersweet anniversary.

 I didn't and don't want to write the details here though, because this is mostly my "fun" blog, and what part of divorce is fun (unless you are the divorcer, maybe)?  That is why I've been so quiet lately.

Also, some of it might be offensive and depressing to my garden/insect/earthy readers, although I know that no matter what our hobbies are we all have very real and human problems, and sometimes it is our hobbies that keep us grounded and sane despite them.

Therefore, I am going to make a new blog only for the topic of the divorce.  It will be one more way to help me get through.  There will be many personal things on there, and since people I know in real life sometimes read this blog here, I have to "screen" the readers first.  I am not so brave and trusting that I won't be horribly judged.

My solution to this is if you would like to read about this side of my life--if you care enough to try--drop me an email at moonflower317@yahoo.com, and I will send you the link.  (Actually some of it might turn out to be a teensy bit humorous, only because my brain copes with this kind-of stuff by forcing myself to laugh at the sadness.)

To the rest of you, I will try to keep writing funny and/or informative things every 6 months or so like I've been doing ;-)


troutbirder said...

I'm wishing you well, Clementine. Have always enjoyed your blog and attitude. Your a very special woman indeed...:)

Clementine Moonflower said...

Thank you troutbirder. The kids keep me sooooo busy, which is really another reason I haven't been blogging. I'm stealing time just to write this comment :-).

I have spent the afternoon saving a carnival goldfish that was marked up in price by 2000%. 5 balls for $2.00...$2.00 for 1 $.10 fish...I hope my math is correct.

My house is a total disaster, but our fish has survived the night, and I hope that is the kind of stuff they'll remember me for.

betsy said...

I am sorry to hear this. I wondered why you were silent. I have never married, for I am too solitary. Two dogs are enough for me. I hope you decide to stay in Nashville.

Clementine Moonflower said...

Thanks betsy. It has been difficult to focus on writing a blog. For now we are staying. My kids have lots of friends at their school. I have one more year until I graduate with my MSN, then I don't know what I'm going to do after that. I'd like to go somewhere else, but that may have to wait awhile.

Rob Cummings said...

Moved from Nashville thirteen years ago. It's a great city. Still miss it sometimes. Hope it's good to you.

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