Monday, October 5, 2009

the cover letter and resume that should've stayed in draft

My husband was recently interviewing candidates for a job with his company. Amongst the shining examples, this shone the brightest by far.


I just saw that add on craigslist and wanna know how to apply. I know i am good for this job.. I got a clean record with no priors. was locked up at 13 for 3 years but thats off my record. Bullshit i didnt evend do I got my GED last summer so i am good with that. i am not lokin for much dough either cuz my baby momma is workin now to. I really only lokin to make 7-10 an hours. I dont have a resumee but we can do a Phone interview if yous like.

Deli Present work their 8.50 an hour
Carpet cleaners 11.00 an hour
Motiviation (cleaned equipement) 14.80 an hour (fired due to illness)
Subway 7.50 an hour
McDonalds 7.50 an hour a yung pup makin a buck


walk2write said...

It's never easy looking for a new employee. Just be glad your kids are too young for prospects to be wooing them. Thanks for leaving a comment a while back. Lately, I've not been too keen on commenting/responding to comments.

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