Saturday, September 19, 2009

blog searchword fun

A compilation of some recent searches that crash-landed onto my blog:

computericed boc germani machine (Whatever it is, it's very cold.)

ingesting moonflowers (How did I know that writing about moonflowers would draw aspiring drug addicts to me?)

the proper southern baby shower (multiple searches from Florida and Georgia. You live there. There's no one around that you can ask?)

yankee jurs eyes (???)

southern men are babies (Could we generalize a bit further?)

baby shower mints Nashville TN (Hendersonville, TN. Go to your local Dollar General. I'm sure you'll find something suitable there.)

why are my moonflowers falling off? (Los Angeles, California. Other than the fact that the flowers naturally only last one day, could it be that they dislike the smog?)

what is causing the leaves on my moonflowers to turn yellow? (Georgia. Hot climate. Water them.)

laygs or lehgs (Champaign, Illinois. Come on people, this is a big college town. You can't spell legs? Did you get admitted because your daddy paid off a senator?)

u r my shoulder to lean on and i can always count on u to b there for me your my one and only, your my everything everytime i (Melbourne, Australia. So they're as lovesick on the other side of the world as we are here, I see.)

"my braces" "my baby" "my husband" site (Italy. "My life, my love and my the sea.")

pricking uncomfortable eye (Malta. Please don't do that. Pricking your eye will only make things worse for you.)

pedal on the floor, hand pumping my prick (California. Am I surprised? No. I'm now starting to realize that my botox entry is going to invite a lot of interesting traffic to my blog. Welcome, perverts!)


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