Thursday, December 11, 2008

what is it about frozen water that is so nostalgic?

It is snowing all around Nashville tonight! AOL news described it as "Rare Snowfall Blankets South." Now I feel like Tennessee is home, or at least my home away from home.

I have every intention of playing in the snow with my kids in the morning before it all melts away. In Tennessee, you cannot count on keeping something like this around for more than a half day, so you need to act quickly.

I'm just so thankful that I have children to share it with. During my college days in Illinois, I used to take my sled to a small hill tucked away within the forest preserve, where I wouldn't easily be spotted by passing cars, and traipse up and down until either my legs gave out or my toes went numb. My oldest daughter was in early elementary school at the time, and she still doesn't know about my winter excursions. It is one of my silly secrets.

I'm wondering what I will do when my two youngest are grown. I very well cannot go out into my front yard and make snow angels alone. I guess that gives me one good reason to look forward to becoming a grandmother someday.


walk2write said...

You can always go out after dark and make snow angels. When our kids were in high school and prone to embarrassment, Hubby and I used to play outside in the snow at night. You're right about grandkids. They make you forget about who's watching, and why care anyway when you reach a certain age? I don't. Glad you feel a little less homesick today. I left a comment for you on Annie's site about TN garden-bloggers. Tina's site at In the Garden lists many more TN gardeners that I hadn't even thought about. You are in the promised land for gardening!

Frances said...

Hi C. Moonflower, fellow TN blogger here, though not near you, I am in southeast TN, very near Georgia and North Carolina. There are some wonderful friendly folks near you who are garden bloggers. I do hope you learn to love TN. We are not from here, far from it with husband a true yankee from PA and me from OK. But we love the climate, terrain and people here and would choose to be here over any other place. The best thing about being a grandma, is like what W2W said, you don't care what others thing. You don't need to care when you are younger, but that bit of wisdom comes with age.

Frances at Fairegarden

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