Sunday, December 7, 2008

central Indiana sunset on the fly

Driving home from our short weekend trip to Illinois, I caught the end of the day just in time to snap these photos. Rolled the passenger window down--kids screaming in the back "we're cold!"--had to balance the camera on the door at 70 m.p.h. without losing it--hands going numb--kids still yelling for me to hurry up. Pity the life of an amateur photographer's family.


Nash deVille said...

I love it! LOVE the snow!

troutbirder said...

just gorgeous. be safe though

walk2write said...

So, I have found another fish out of water, thanks to Troutbirder. Well, maybe I am back where I belong, and I'm surrounded by water. You may not like me, though. Hubby and I hail from S. Illinois, and we are (were?) Cardinal fans. I understand your dilemma, with relocation and not-so-adoring-family-fans-of-blogging.

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