Saturday, February 6, 2010

searching for summer camp bliss

Today we braved the mall (on a Saturday, no less!) for the annual summer camp fair.

To keep my kids occupied while we strolled around, I let them take some goodies from each stand: candy, t-shirts, shopping bags, pencils, stickers, magnifying glasses, and little furry happy doo-hickeys.

The spoils

Oh sure, everything was free. But then there were the hopeful college students and stern women with reading glasses staring down their noses toward the "Would you like more information?" form.

Of course I'll fill that out. Just yank my arm off first.

(When I get spammed by every campground from here to Maine, I will have only myself to blame.)

I drew the line at the John Casablancas modeling agency and faked my number.

Some of the men at the sports camp tables resembled college recruiters. Way too serious for me and a first-grader!

The highlights for my kids?

1. The monkey who wore a diaper and contentedly perched on Nature Camp Lady's shoulder.

2. The red, life-size letter "Y." My 3-year-old waved at it apprehensively while I tried to figure out how the person inside had to painfully contort his or her body to get into the costume. It was a capital Y, which would've made it a little easier. I hope.

3. The Lego camp. My son was drawn to the huge boxes of deluxe kits immediately. I asked the representative, what's this all about? Well, she replied enthusiastically, they get to spend the week playing with over 150 different Lego sets. How much? I asked. 200 dollars, she said nonchalantly.

I called my husband to ask what he thought about this. One whole week of Lego fun in the summer! Could be great!

He reminded me that he had recently found a 60-gallon trash bag of miscellaneous Lego pieces in the back of the garage. So there you have it--our summer activity, free of charge.
Three cheers for cleaning out the garage!

(This post was written courtesy of the theme from Jurassic Park playing in the background)


troutbirder said...

My boys loved legos. My grandkids as well apparently. We spent a whole nightmarish day at Mall of America with them last summer including a zillion people and an afternoon at "Legoland" or something like that. Naturally I hated it and they loved it. I wish I had invested in Lego stock..... they surely survived well in the recent slump!

Rebecca D said...

Just think...with the sddition of a daiper wearing monkey you too have everything you need to charge others $200 for a week of lego play...

Anonymous said...

How funny! And a great way to think of an organized activity, lego camp at home. You could create a schedule, just like at camp...9 to 10, castle building, 10 to 11, farm building...and on and on. The sign ups do seem scary though. I would use a fake name on all of them. :-)

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