Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Today I found a copy of the eulogy and poem I wrote for my Grandpa's funeral from June 13, 2005. He died when he was 94. I thought I would share it here.

"My life will never be the same since you have gone. It is like there is a new chapter unfolding, one that reads 'you are no longer a child, and all the childish things have passed away.' It is very humbling to have your direct line of relatives gone this early in life. It makes you feel older than you really are, and gives the message that it is imperative to continue to pursue your dreams. You were my link to the carefree, happier times in my life when I was very young.

I hope that my family can someday, in years to come, build their memories on the fun and loving holidays like my cousins and I could always look forward to.

Grandpa inadvertently gave me wisdom for life, even after his death. Knowing him has taught me to stop withholding love to avoid the pain of loss. To say meaningful words to people while they are alive, and not just in eulogies, where they may or may not be listening. How important it is to maintain good relationships among your children. That it is never too late and you are never too old to grow closer to God.

As I grow old, and if I am fortunate to do so as you have done (perhaps avoiding McDonald's might help), I hope that I will leave something for the generations after me that incorporates all of the lessons that I gained from my ancestors before me."


I will not ponder his reasons
In dashing your soul towards the throne
For now you belong to the ages
And Jesus has carried you home.

The tread of your footsteps fell lightly
As weary, you followed the days
In patience, awaiting reunion
With the sight of your loved one's gaze.

When over that bright hill you travel
And our planet appears but a star
All the long years of toil and trial
So suddenly banished afar.

Remember us as you are walking
Amongst those with whom you now lie
And send us new hope in our meeting
As we send you our loving goodbye.


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