Wednesday, March 4, 2009

not trying to be antisocial, but...

After almost 2 years of writing on this blog I have still not really decided what is blog-worthy. I admire the people who can always stick to or rotate around one main topic on their blogs. I just don't want to start any more of them and so therefore this thing has turned into a hodge-podge. Without apology.

Tonight I was planning to go to a party for a co-worker who is in the military and will be leaving for a stint of active duty. The half-hour drive there will take me an hour (that is just me driving on the highway in the dark). The party is in Lebanon, which I pronounce Le-ban-on, which has my coworkers asking "where?" if only to be sarcastic. According to them it is "Lebnin" or something like that; I'm sure I still have it wrong. "You are too proper," they scold, "would you call it Louis-ville too?".

I was going to bring the infamous 7-layer taco dip. I originally asked what Tennesseans eat for side dishes. If it were up to me I would bring Hawaiian salad, potato salad or pimento cheese. They said that the taco dip would be fine. So I soaked the beans overnight and cooked them this morning, and now I have several pounds of black beans sitting in my refrigerator anxiously waiting to be married to cream cheese and Rotel.

I don't think that I'm going to go to the party though. Today has been a miserable day for me and I have spent it fighting the urge to rip these damned support stockings off with two hands and say the hell with it. Yesterday morning I had one of my large leg veins closed because the valve was warped from too many 8-pounder kids resting atop it, and I was instructed to wear these things for 5 straight days. Easier said than done when they are itching and pinching and rolling themselves down over the "baby fat" on my abdomen. How can I go to a party, with all the laughing and drinking and playfulness, when I am in a struggle to resist the urge to scratch, lest I appear to have scabies? I won't even be able to take any alcohol myself because I was advised to ingest 1600 mg of ibuprofen per day, which is surely eating away at my stomach lining and liver as I sit here typing. And that reminds me, I shouldn't be sitting like this, I need to get up and walk around again, lest I get a blood clot. Oy. I'd better have some nice-looking legs after all this!

The taco dip will be for work tomorrow night. I have the chips and everything already. It will help to get us through the shift, especially with all the beans I'm putting in there.


troutbirder said...

I started out with a birding blog and its evolved into anything nature and odds and ends of about everything else that interests me. Nothing wrong with that.

walk2write said...

Sorry I've missed reading this post and commenting earlier on it. How was the bean dip? You go all out, girl! I usually just use canned refried beans. I hope your legs are feeling better. I'm learning to pronounce them as "lehgs" with an "eh" sound, not "laygs." Admit it now, even though you're from Chicago, you probably pronounced that city that was down south of you (if it ever crossed your mind) as "Cayro," not as "Chiro," like I pronounced it when I first moved to Illinois at age 12. We make these little adjustments, and life flows a little more smoothly for the effort.

truewonder said...

A little late in the coming here...saw you on Troutbirder's site, thought I'd visit, and awful glad I did. I'm a central Illinoisan for now...moving soon, just thought I'd say hello and keep writing, good reading, good writing, funny and witty and I really like the way speak your mind and heart. Take care-

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