Thursday, August 14, 2008

letter from a working mom who rarely cooks


Dinner is:

--pierogies in freezer (sorry about the mess!)

Boil them for a little while till they're soft, then brown in pan w/ butter (directions say thaw for 1/2 hour, but whatever you think is best)

--bacon in fridge to crumble and top them if you want (includes drawing of puffy-cheeked face to mean that this is probably not necessary for the meal, but will give it the "Southern edge," or curve, if you want to get technical)

--pork chops in fridge, can you bread them?

--applesauce jar in cupboard, that's for our fruit/vegetable group

Please write the days you need to work on the calendar. Also, I need you to return the Star Wars movie to the library tonight (last night I threw one of our home movies into the book return instead).

Sorry again about the mess! I was having a hard time finding all of the equipment I needed and the mixer wasn't working well for me. It kept spitting dough out everywhere.


P.S. I think I want the KMart table for the kitchen. We can sell it in a few years or donate it to Goodwill after the kids have defaced it.


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